Dani Stratmann

You have a unique brilliance and gift to share with this world. You are ambitious, unapologetic in pursuit of your dreams, and have a mission to impact. As your Business Mentor, it's my job to help bring your vision to life and make this possible and my mission is to help you build a business that's sustainable for years to come and creates a life you love living. Together, we work to create and execute an actionable plan to package your expertise into an irresistible offer your ideal clients can't wait to buy. You have one life, which means our work together doesn't just impact your business in a positive way, but your personal life too. 

business mentor for female CEOs with a unique brilliance

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IMPACT UNLEASHED teaches you the foundations of building a scalable online business. The skills you will learn inside the signature 8-week training program have the potential to 4X your income.

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Build the LIFE of your dreams on your terms. 1:1 Business Coaching is for online business owners who are ready to go all-in. My private students have an all access pass to me, my programs and my courses.

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sarah blanchfield

"i am so glad i hired you as my coach this year. it changed my business completely. i went from confused and all over the place to having a strategic plan with revenue coming in. best decision ever!!"

elizabeth rodgers

"dani, you are the reason my dream is starting to come to life and i don't know how to tell you in words what this means to me. i need to hug you in person someday."

raenNa cruz

"if you are looking for a coach who is super supportive of your goals, genuinely wants you to succeed, is straightforward, and always helpful... dani is your girl."

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