Real talk: What if I told you there’s a way to cut your 40+ hour work week in half and make the same amount of money? What If I told you there’s a way to cushion your bank account while drinking Mai Tais in Hawaii, dropping your child off at school—or better yet—getting a full […]

November 6, 2020

Ever wish you could wave a magic wand and know precisely who your target audience is, what services will sell with ease, or how to stay ahead of the competition?  I don’t have a magic wand or a crystal ball (sorry to disappoint!), but I’m here to tell you that getting insight into your industry, […]

October 9, 2020

Congrats my friend! If you’re tuning in right now, I assume you’re curious about how to take all the knowledge bombs you’ve been dropping the last several months—or years—and turn them into an insanely successful course.  But you may be thinking:  “Where would I even start?”  “What topic would I cover?”  “How much work will […]

September 18, 2020