Do you find yourself banging your head against the keyboard, frustrated because no matter how many hours you stare at your computer, you can’t figure out what to send your email subscribers?  *nods head*  When you have something exciting or timely to share, like the launch of a course, upcoming mastermind, or new team hire, […]

April 30, 2021

Today, we’re talking alllll about email marketing tips, and I couldn’t be more excited! I’m wildly obsessed and passionate about email because I know the impact it can have on your coaching business.  And it’s BIG!  Reach more people (with less money and effort) big… Impact more lives than ever big…  Buy the purse AND […]

December 28, 2020

I see you…  Spending countless hours a week crafting the perfect email to share with your tribe only to hear crickets. Stressed AF because no matter how much effort you put into your email strategy, your open rates still aren’t as high as they should be. Ready to throw in the towel because you’re not […]

December 18, 2020

Show of hands: Who’s ready to generate more leads, impact more lives, and put more money in their bank through high-converting sales funnels that *actually* work? I hope your hand’s raised right now because that was a trick question… if you’re the boss I know you are, your answer is a loud, “ME!” *hand raised […]

December 4, 2020

You’ve successfully launched your first course and enrolled dozens of motivated students eager to learn from you. You’ve got a library filled with client testimonials and a bank account with a little extra cushion to it.  But once your course has ended, you might be asking yourself, “Now what?”  Here’s the truth: Live launching is […]

November 20, 2020

Calling all new course creators! I’m glad you’re here because there’s something I need to get off my chest… It doesn’t matter how many days or weeks you spent creating your course.  Or how many friends on Instagram you told about it.  It doesn’t even matter how many golden nuggets of genius you put into […]

September 25, 2020

Grab a cup of coffee or a glass of wine (it’s 5 o’clock somewhere, right?!) because I’m diving deep into one of the highest-converting marketing tools that will transform your coaching business into a money-making powerhouse.   Spoiler alert: I bet it’s not what you think. But before we get into it, let’s play a game […]

September 8, 2020